Christopher Welty

Dr. Welty enjoys practicing general urology, including urologic oncology (bladder, prostate, kidney, testis, and penile cancer), kidney stone disease, voiding dysfunction in men and women, as well as issues relating to men’s health such as erectile dysfunction, benign prostate enlargement and low testosterone/infertility.. He is fully trained in the endoscopic treatment of prostatic obstruction, stone disease and disorders of the upper urinary tract. He is also trained in penile prostheses, vasectomy, sacral neuromodulation, artificial urinary sphincters and slings. In addition, Dr. Welty has extensive fellowship training in surgical and clinical management of urologic cancers, including Da Vinci robotic, laparoscopic, and open surgical approaches. His prior research has focused on risk stratification, management, and outcomes of prostate and bladder cancers, including several papers on how to differentiate men with prostate cancer who need treatment from those who likely do not.

Dr. Welty will be practicing in our Oakland office. He believes understanding each patient’s priorities, and helping them understand their diagnosis and treatment options, is the key to developing a personalized treatment plan care.

Dr. Welty also enjoys golfing, cycling, skiing, and all outdoor activities, especially with his family and his dog.

College: Dartmouth College, B.A. in Chemistry, 2000
Medical School: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, M.D., 2007
Surgical Internship: University of Washington School of Medicine, 2007-2008
Residency (Urology): University of Washington School of Medicine 2008-2012
Chief Resident (Urology): University of Washington School of Medicine 2012-2013
Fellowship in Urologic Oncology: University of California San Francisco, 2013-2015

Honors / Distinctions
2000 Bachelors or Arts with Honor, Dartmouth College
2000 Golf Coaches of Association of America All-American Scholar Athlete
2005-2006 Howard Hughes Medical Institute – NIH research scholar
2006 Academy of Achievement Student Delegate
2010 International Volunteers in Urology Scholar
2011 Warren Chapman Urology Research Award
2011 AUA Best Poster Award
2014 AUA Outstanding Poster Award

Hospital Affiliations / Medical Staff Appointments
Alta Bates/Summit Medical Center, Oakland, CA
John Muir/Mt. Diablo Medical Center, Concord, CA
John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek, CA
San Ramon Regional Medical Center, San Ramon, CA
Washington Hospital, Fremont, CA

Society Memberships
American Urological Association
Society of Urologic Oncology

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